Arrived! First Reflections


Hi There,

First blog before I travel, Beyond Tor Shluss angst German and translates from German as ‘Door close anxiety,’ the apprehension about going away, it’s also because of the long time I’m going to be away. I feel mixed emotions really, excitement about travel to Israel to see family, meet my first great nephew and attend my nephews wedding then working on my ‘practice supervision project’ in East Jerusalem for 2 months. I feel apprehension about the length of time I’ll be away and what if something goes wrong. In the end I feel excited by what I’m going to do with family and working with Palestinian groups which provides real opportunities for me, a chance to do something very different from my previous experience. Initially I hope to blog on how it feels for me with my background about being in Israel and in what may in future be the capital city of Palestine. I want to reflect on whether having grown up in South Africa under apartheid is relevant to my experience on this trip.


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