Stop Press–Clear the Front Page!


Hi There,

I’ve been drafting a new Post, however last night I think there something may be changing here and I’d like to start respond quickly to a BBC World Service Radio’s ‘Hard talk’ program yesterday morning which interviewed Saeb Erekat about current Palestinian Israeli peace negotiations brokered by John Kerry. What he outlined is the Palestinian position at this weekend’s Madrid talks that his Government is willing to agree a 2 State solution on the basis that Israel’s boundary returns to what it was in 1967 before the 6 Day war. He was asked by the interviewer what response there would be if the Israeli Government rejected the option. My understanding is that Mr Erekat’s view if the option is rejected that the Palestinian Authority will stop further negotiations and dissolve itself.

I think this is a key moment in the peace process because the Palestinian Authority has established a very clear position on it’s terms for a 2 State Solution and consequences if Israel rejects the option. I think the change is significant because it puts the Palestinians in a position where they control the agenda. I’ve views
myself, however before I express them I’d quite like anyone who read my posts to give their opinions first, hope that not too dramatic a change to my approach! If you want to listen to Mr Erekat’s interview before responding it’ll be on the BBC World Service Radio IPod.



PS: Below is how the World Service described the Program: Palestinian Authority Chief Negotiator – Saeb Erekat
First broadcast: Wednesday 19 February 2014 What must it be like to have been at the centre of the seemingly endless and fruitless quest for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal for more than two decades? And is there any reason for expectations to rise as US Secretary of State John Kerry prepares to publish his own outline for a deal. Hardtalk speaks to veteran Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat. Are we approaching a defining moment or a dead end?
Availability:6 days left to listen
Duration: 25 minutes


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