21 December 2014 Deadline for responses to my last blog


Hi There,

I’ve had 7 responses from the blog and am now waiting to complete my final post in this sequence. I’m troubled by natural consequences from what I wrote. Carpe Deum, seize the day! This is  because further responses will assist me.




4 thoughts on “21 December 2014 Deadline for responses to my last blog

  1. Frances

    The blog was helpful and moving to me with my Jewish (English and Israeli) relations and own Christian faith,
    It was good in a painful way that you experienced directly the fear with which the Israelis live and could say so to your sister. The comparison with the fear experienced by the Palestinians every time they reach a check point was a fair balance. Without your visits and those of Renate, I would not be facing up to what it is like for all these people. I’ll go on praying for peace and taking any chance of Muslim/ Christian/ Jewish dialogue

    • Dear Frances,

      Thanks for what you wrote about the effect on you of the blog and the way visits by friends have informed you how it was for them in Palestine. I too pray for peace and dialogue, my dilemma is what response to make to an imminent unilateral action by Israel to appropriate land it currently holds.



    • Dear Eli,

      I can’t agree with what you wrote above. As you will read in the next response to my blog Alan agrees with my view that Zionism and Nazism are similar ideologies.



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