Local charity speaks out about Hackney Council’s treatment of homeless people.


Hi There,

Couldn’t stop myself sending this account about Hackney Council obtaining a Public Space Prevention Order to prevent homeless people sleeping rough in the Borough! Since the election an email petition against the Order has forced the Council to remove the provision against sleeping rough. The Deputy Mayor who agreed the application has admitted she was wrong because she thought at the time that homeless provision in Hackney was sufficient to stop anyone having to sleep on the streets.

My view is that it’s not sufficient to remove the provision against rough sleepers, I think the Order needs to be withdrawn. This is because it’s unnecessary, impinges on human rights and Anti-Social Behaviour legislation is sufficient to deal with concerns about street drinking. What Hackney needs to do is engage with homeless people and street drinkers to provide them with services they need.

For anyone in North East London there are 2 planned protests by Reclaim Hackney, tomorrow evening outside Hackney City Hall from 6-8pm to picket Labour councillors before their meeting and a demonstration from 5-730pm on 22/06/2017 before the 1st Cabinet meeting since the elections.




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