Greek bailout support opportunities through an anti-austerity approach


Dear All,

The Greek financial crisis has really gripped me as someone who’s opposed to austerity programs. What galvanised me this week was the breakdown in negotiations between Greece and its creditors. This was followed by a technical default when Greece was unable to make a £1.6 Billion repayment. On 30 June I started thinking about financial support for Greece and came up with an idea that if 1.6 million anti austerity campaigners donated £10 each that amount would be available. I spoke with good friends to ‘reality check’ this idea and decided to seek crowd funding.

I’ve now found an internet crowd funding Indiegogo which had already started a crowdfunding appeal for Greece initiated by Thom Feeney who is he’s 29 years old from York, Yorkshire in the North of England, and lives in Bethnal Green, London. He currently works in a shoe shop in London.

I don’t think its up to me to make the arguments for donating to Greek Bailout Campaign, however for anyone who wants to contribute the Indiegogo link is For anyone worried if the appeal doesn’t raise its target in that in that situation the money will be refunded to donators.

My friend John H has given me a link to a petition by Avaaz about the Greek situation. For anyone interested in signing the petition the link is

I contacted the Peoples Assembly against Austerity which organised the 20 June Protest march in London, asking for their support regarding Thom’s campaign. I was asked to send them an Indiegogo link to them for consideration which I’ve done.

In terms about extending the campaign I’ve been struck by the absence of any reports by BBC radio and TV, Guardian, Independent and Times newspapers reports about the Bailout campaign. For me this gives a sense of how powerful the ‘establishment’ is in deciding news coverage which I think is an interesting example of self-censorship by the media. I plan to use my contacts with friends and through my other involvements to inform about the Greek bailout campaign to spread awareness about the situation. I ask that those readers who agree with what I’ve written spread the knowledge further. An urgent response is needed because the next Greek deadline is after the referendum on 6 July.

Once again I invite anyone who wants to respond to my post to do so.




4 thoughts on “Greek bailout support opportunities through an anti-austerity approach

  1. Weiss, Ursula - UK

    Hmm, the crowdfunding guy was interviewed on the BBC news channel, and the guardian has lots of coverage. Not sure you are right in all you say.

    Sent from my iPad

    • Dear Ursula,

      I’ve been watching the BBC 1 News for the last 2 nights and checked Guardian articles through their internet service with nothing coming up. Can you inform me which BBC News Channel you referred to and where the Guardian coverage was?



  2. Gwyneth Boswell

    I think that’s a brilliant idea, Steve, and although I find the whole issue too complex to fully understand, I will certainly support the crowd-funding appeal. Thank you for having the thoughtfulness and energy to initiate this. Best wishes, Gwyneth.

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