The tide is turning!


Dear All,

I went to a Stop the War event on 18 July when a woman I met told me she thought the time is turning because of the Laws the Conservative government is trying to put on Statute, mainly in regard to Welfare legislation, Employment and the National Health Service. Her view was that because of the main burden is falling on poorer UK citizens this grouping will have nothing to lose through opposing the changes and the level of public protest is likely to rise.

I’ve had a busy and interesting time myself thinking about the effects of these changes and what I want to do. While I’d like to express my opinions now I prefer first to open up the question to readers of my posts before giving an opinion. Do you think the ‘tide is turning,’ if you do what do you think is changing and what response would you like to make? If you disagree with the view, what do you think will maintain the current system and do you think public protest will rise?

I await responses with interest!




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