Urgent-Deadline for joining the Labour Party


Dear All,

If any blog readers want to have a vote in the Labour Party leadership elections the deadline for joining the Party is 12pm on 12 August (tomorrow). In order to vote you’ll have to become a member, registered supporter or affiliated supporter which can be done online. Ballots will be sent out on 14 August by post and online voting is available. All votes need to be received by 10 September and the results will be announced on 12 September at a Special conference.

I’d like to encourage a debate about the elections on the blog and I plan to write posts between now and when results are announced.




2 thoughts on “Urgent-Deadline for joining the Labour Party

  1. Thanks for this nudge Steve. I wasn’t going to register to vote because none of the candidates inspired me and I originally thought Jeremy C didn’t stand a chance. But now that he is in the lead, and given that he is the only one advocating true socialist policies, I have now registered and will be voting for him as Leader and the fearless Tom Watson as Deputy.

    • Dear Gwyneth,

      So pleased you registered! I’m now campaigning for Jeremy, from my experience what’s so unusual about it is the passionate belief in a need to change our politics which has galvanised people who support him. I know he has a strong lead however if he can’t win on first preference votes the outcome becomes more uncertain. Because of this I’ll only vote for him as leader and Angela Eagle as deputy. I like Tom Watson for his role in the Murdoch saga. I couldn’t vote for any other candidates for the 2 roles.

      Just sent another post on my blog about Palestine.



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