Update about Noor-Slight progress


Dear All,
I had an email today from Riad. He informed me that Noor was in Court yesterday in O’fer, with Riad and his mother present when he appeared. Riad wrote that Noor had shackles on his hands and legs and was strong even though his body was weak. The case was postponed until this Thursday because case documents weren’t yet ready. Riad informed me that when they spoke to him about news of his arrest being sent overseas Noor asked for his best wishes to be sent to anyone asking about him.

I’ve thought on what wrote above. Riad and his wife must be very worried about Noor because suggesting he was weak suggests his interrogation is likely to have been frightening. It must have been a relief for them to see each other however in the Court arena they weren’t able to speak freely. Noor showing strength and his parents just being there was important for mutual assurance. While progress is very slow after almost 3 weeks the legal process is starting and Noor will appear in Court again in 2 days time to hear whether he’ll be charged with any offences. My thoughts will be there for Noor and his family then at a very difficult time for them. I’m speaking with Riad on Skype later this week and will keep everyone informed about the situation.




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