Skype call to Riad on 29 August


I spoke with Riad and Sarah who’s also a member of Palestine-UK Social Work Network. Riad told us that Noor remains in custody, at Court on 27 August papers still weren’t ready and the case was adjourned to tomorrow which is 1 September. Riad told us that he hopes a verdict for Noor will be made then because he will have been in custody for 4 weeks. Noor told Riad and his mother Fayza when they spoke briefly at Court that he’d been moved to an Israeli prison in Beersheba.

We spoke with Riad about his feelings regarding Noor’s arrest. He told us with some emotion that life goes on for Noor’s mother Fayza their children and him, working, eating and sleeping, however they are constantly aware of Noor not being there. His younger brothers continue to sleep in his bed. Riad feels like Noor’s imprisonment affects him deeply, torturing him. While he has to be strong he feels weak and in danger of losing any hope for a peaceful solution in Palestine. The occupation and its direct effect on the family through Noor’s arrest and detention is tough. What keeps Riad going is a strong motivation to survive. He said he welcomes international support which gives him and Palestinians a good spirits.

We spoke with Riad about the invitation for him to come to a London Conference in November 2015 which Palestine-UK Social Work Network is jointly organising, asking whether he’ll feel able to come. He told us that he’d spoken with Fayza about the issue and she thinks its important that he attends the Conference where he’ll make a keynote speech on Trauma in countries where there is civil conflict about the issue of social mobilisation. This is through his experience of working with children and young people at DCI Palestine. With Fayza’s support he’s decided to attend the Conference


6 thoughts on “Skype call to Riad on 29 August

    • Dear Eli,
      Shana Tovah to you too. Possibly with Yom Kippur coming up both of us need to think of how we can find a way to reach a shared understanding of what’s happening in Palestine/Israel and ways of finding a peaceful solution to problems.



  1. Carol Allen

    All this is so upsetting for the family members, particularly children who do not understand the wider picture and will be left traumatised! Where does that leave Palestinian children?

    • Dear Carol,
      Thanks for the response. Trauma is a constant feature in Palestine. For Noor’s family children and parents experience in different ways. At least for children School counsellors are very experienced in supporting children who’ve experienced trauma. Riad and Fayza, the parents will support their children at home, however from the Skype call on Saturday it was clear that Riad hadn’t yet had the chance to speak about his feelings regarding Noor’s arrest. I hope that he and Fayza will be able to talk about the way Noor’s arrest has affected them once Noor’s situation is clearer.



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