Noor-further news from 1 September


Dear All,

Sending you an email from Riad about Noor’s appearance on 1 September at Ofer Military Court, apologies for the delay, I’ve been very busy. Fayza and him arrived there at 9:am and the Hearing started at 4:30pm. Noor was ok, he was ok as usual, physically and psychologically well, sending regards to all whom are asking about him. Noor told them he was aware of how long it takes them to travel to Court which makes it difficult to attend each Hearing because of the distance. He worries about the family. He spend his time in prison playing sport, reading and cutting other prisoners hair.

Noor was finally given him his document about reasons for arresting him. The case against him comes from the day a very close family friend Hashem was killed by occupation soldiers on 25 July 2014, protecting children. This was on a day of anger when soldiers killed three people in his village Beit Ummar. This was because of their support for people living in Gaza, opposing the war there and protesting about war crimes being committed by Israel. Noor’s lawyer asked for time to read documents and the case was adjourned to today.




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