Hebron is burning! A request from Palestine-UK Social Work Network on behalf of Riad Arar, our colleague in Hebron


Dear friend,

Are you able to make your voice heard in support of our colleagues in Palestine?

You will probably know that the difficult situation in Palestine has become ever more parlous.

Our dear friend and colleague Riad has recently contacted us asking for our help because of the worsening situation in Hebron.

You might remember that Riad works for Defence for Children International, his colleagues Hashem was shot dead by the IDF in 2014. http://www.dci-palestine.org/dci_palestine_mourns_the_loss_of_hashem_abu_maria_colleague_and_friend_killed_by_israeli_forces

Earlier this year Riad’s 18 yo son was arrested as one of the many youths that are swept up in systematic IDF raids on Palestinian homes. We heard this week that Riad’s 15 year old son was arrested in a 4am raid on his house. Night-time raids are a tactic used to destabilise families and intimidate activists http://972mag.com/the-devastating-effects-of-night-raids-on-palestinian-families/111259/

Riad writes

‘Dear All
Greeting from Palestine
As you know the situation in OPT is very bad all people afraid and worry , the killing specially in Hebron every day. The Israeli solders are killing Palestinian in cold blood then throw knifes close to them. Since the beginning of October 23 people have been killed, 5 of them children. Most of them from the old city
what we can do as social workers ?
All the children in Tal Al Romiada are traumatized .The families close to Al Ibrahim Mosque are the same. How we can cooperate and intervene?

All the best
Riad Arar

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if you are able to write to your local MP, Councillors, papers, the Israeli ambassador to the UK, Mark Regev; or any action that you feel might help. You can let Riad and his collegaues know what you are doing, or simply send him messages of support through our fb page https://www.facebook.com/groups/PalUKSWNetwork/

Later this month we hope that Riad will be speaking at the ‘rethinking Trauma’ conference http://srcd.org/about-us/news-announcements/conference-rethinking-trauma-and-resilience-context-political-violence

He will also be speaking about his experiences on Friday 13th November at the Honour Oak Pub. I am not sure what time; but will guess 7pm. http://www.thehonoroak.co.uk/

If you are able to attend you support would be most welcome

Best wishes

Rupert and Guy


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