Stop the War-Urgent


Dear All,

A quick post for anyone opposed to the UK joining France and the USA to bomb Syria. My view is that the circumstances that risk the UK becoming involved is very similar to the Iraq war. This is dodgy intelligence and no serious consideration of an exit plan. I admire Jeremy Corbin in refusing to vote for intervention with the establishment, media and the Labour MP’s pushing the bombing option. I think he’s also demonstrating strong and brave leadership, opposing a widely supported option because of the dangerous consequences from it. He also needs voters to pressure their MP’s to support his stand and to know that public opinion supports his view. I signed a petition yesterday which is on the UK Government and Parliament site to vote no on military action in Syria against IS in response to the Paris attacks which already has 94,138 signatures, just short of the crucial 100000 needed for a formal response. If anyone wants me to forward the petition email to them contact me on

The Vienna response towards formal Syrian peace talks seems to be getting traction. An effective response to the IS threat has to be through the UN, with a military force taking it on.




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