Election Fever


Hi There,

Thought my days of blogging were over until this week and tonight. What’s made me feel like this is the quiet election process as the Labour Party started to make gains despite most of the Establishment, Press and Media attacking their policies. What I think is important is that there’s now a choice for voters between potential right and left wing Governments, offering different options for the country. I’m pleased that the Labour Party has been able to present a credible Manifesto alongside the Conservative Party’s equivalent which was deeply flawed. What’s emerging is that Theresa May’s ruthless decision to call an unnecessary election because she thought the Conservative Party would win it with a massive majority  is now working against her Party. Suddenly the Newspapers and TV Channels are realizing that their assumption the Conservative Party will win may not be credible so their election coverage has become more balanced.

Theresa May’s description of herself as ‘Strong and Steady’ has been challenged and one of her Ministers was asked this week whether she’s not ‘Strong and Steady’ but ‘Weak and Wobbly.’ Her tactic to avoid voters unless they’ve been carefully chosen and not taking part in a Leaders Debate has been shown to be ill-considered. It’s clear from the Campaign that Mrs May isn’t consulting with her Cabinet. As her credibility is questioned by Conservatives MP’s and Party members  having her as their election focus rather than the Party is losing their and other voters support. The Conservative Manifesto is ill considered.

Theresa May has changed her opinion on the Manifesto pledge for what is called the ‘Dementia  tax’ to include a Cap. What makes it worse is that she hasn’t admitted her error and hapless Cabinet members have been presented to the Press to defend her which doesn’t reflect well on her. In trying to portray herself as powerful Mrs May has confronted the EU Leadership which will make negotiating Brexit more complex which increases the likelihood of a hard Brexit which I find very concerning. I’m disappointed too that the Labour Party isn’t providing a different option because they cannot expect the EU agreeing to a No tariff arrangement if the UK restricts European migration.

What is changing in my view is that BBC programs by the Dimbleby brothers Question time and Any Questions have been the only means to have Politicians having to respond to questions by voters who aren’t chosen by Parties. On the programs I’ve watched and to which I’ve listened Conservative speakers have been poorly briefed in contrast to Labour Party representatives and most audiences have been more sympathetic to them. Last night’s Any Questions had David Davis in Crickhowell, Powys one of Mrs May’s ‘attack dogs’ there where the audience and other speakers there didn’t take to his aggressive approach.

After Any Questions Point of View had Howard Jacobson speaking about Manchester where he grew up while my thoughts have been about the bombing there earlier this week. What was most moving was his account of living there until he finished his Schooling with a no holds barred frank description of the City now warts and all. His account reminded my of the new educational opportunities, employment and innocent fun Post War UK Governments offered to young people that is very different to the experience of today’s similar age group.

What made this week very special for me is a realisation that Establishment and Media support for the Conservative Party cannot be assumed because at its Core the UK is a country with a long history of Democracy. As the election has developed it’s become clear to me that Theresa May isn’t a democrat which poses a clear danger to the freedoms we enjoy. This election is crucial in deciding our, our children, families and citizens futures. We need to be very careful when we vote to make a choice which will benefit the majority of our citizens.




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