Initial Post Election feelings


Hi There,

What an exciting election it’s been hasn’t it and feel pleased that my gut sense that Labour would do well was justified by the results ? The Labour Party’s positive  campaign worked with voters to have it a significant increase in MP’s, collapsing the Theresa May’s wish to increase it’s majority. While I agree that Labour lost the election the Conservative alliance with the Northern Ireland is ill-considered with their leader facing possible Fraud charges and the Assembly deadlocked, causing problems with Sin Fein. Newspapers which very strongly supported the Conservative campaign like the Mail and Sun are now critical of Theresa May, suggesting she may have to resign and Conservative Party MP’s are restive which makes the new Government with it’s alliances very unstable. I very much support the Labour Partly and Jeremy Corbin’s wish to form a Government. Any views?

I saw a very interesting documentary film this week at the Bloomsbury Curzon called ‘Disturbing the Peace’ about a Palestinian-Israeli Political Group called Combatants for Peace. I’d recommend it as a must see if you have independent Cinemas near you. In London I think its showing until next Thursday.

Best wishes to all, In hope of better times,




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